The Internet Guide to Order of the Arrow Insignia

284 Tuscarora

New Issues

These are new issues that will be officially placed into the catalog on the next release.

Collections - You must be logged in to use this page

This is the collection management area. Members can upload images of their collection, and they can tag those images with an issue URN. In the case where the image is for a new issue, the member can submit a new issue for inclusion into the catalog for this lodge.

In the future, members will be able to create a "needs list", based on the catalog for this lodge. If you have other suggestions on how to make this the best online collection management system, please send email to

In addition to managing your own collection, you will be able to view other public collections as well. This will give collectors the ability to compare hard to catalog issues with images from other collectors collections.

Pending Issues

Pending issues are issues that have been contributed by members, but have not been confirmed by a majority vote of the editors for this lodge. Once approved, pending issues will move to be new issues.

Editors, when logged in, can push the Approve button for a pending issue.

Uncataloged Images

Uncataloged images are images that have not been mapped to a catalog issue. If you see an issue here that you can help the lodge editor catalog, please contact your lodge editor.

Editors, when logged in, can push the Catalog button for an image, to catalog that image.