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North Florida Council (87)
Jacksonville, FL
Lodge Data
Chartered: 1941
Lodge Totem: Handshake
Name Translation: We Are Brothers  (Muskogean Seminole)
Changes: (none)
2007 Membership+: 790

+Sum of predecessor lodges' membership for new lodges. GNYC lodges' membership numbers are total for all GNYC lodges.



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Beaded Flap     
1993 Conference Host Lodge     
1997 Section Seminars Host Lodge     
2000 Section Conference Host Lodge     
2003 Section Seminars Host Lodge     
2006 NOAC Shirt Epaulet     
ONATHEQUA - eX2013   2013 Camporee Service Corps 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2011-1   2011 River Bend District Camporee 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2011-2   2011 River Bend District Camporee Staff 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2013-1   2013 River Bend District Camporee 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2013-2   2013 River Bend District Camporee Staff 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2014-1   2014 River Bend District Camporee 
ELEMUKULEK - eX2014-2   2014 River Bend District Camporee Staff 
eX2013-6   2013 Fall Fellowship 
eX2014-1   2014 Winter Fellowship 
eX2014-2   2014 Spring Fellowship 
Onathequa - eX2013   2013 District Camporee Onathequa Service Corps 
Onathequa - eX2014   2014 Nok-Su Chapter Conch Craziness Contingent 

Lodge Event Patches

(Listings from the last edition of Blue Book.)
eX1946 RED C RED     Pilgrimage   
eX1947 GRN  WHT   Pilgrimage   
eX1948 WHT C WHT   Pilgrimage   
eX1960 BLK C GRY RED  Fall Fellowship; round (undated round) 
eX1961 RED C WHT LBL  Fall Fellowship   
eX1962 RED C M/C RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1963-1 NBL C M/C BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1963-2 RED C M/C RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1964-1 BLU C M/C BLU  Winter Fellowship   
eX1964-2 RED C M/C RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1965-1 RED C M/C RED  Winter Fellowship; 50th   
eX1965-2 NBL C M/C RED  Spring Fellowship; 50th   
eX1965-3 BLK C TAN YEL  Fall Fellowship; 50th   
eX1966-1 BLK C WHT BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1966-2 RED C WHT BLU  Summer Fellowship   
eX1966-3 NBL C LBL RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1967-1 NBL C LBL BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1967-2 GRN C WHT BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1967-3 RED C M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1968-1 RED C M/C BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1968-2 RED C WHT BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1968-3 BLK C LBL BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1969-1 RED C M/C BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1969-2 RED C M/C BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1969-3 RED C M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1970-1 BLU C M/C BLK  Winter Fellowship   
eX1970-2 GRN C YEL BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1970-3 ORG C M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1971-1 BLU C M/C RED  Winter Fellowship; has tepee and bonnet   
eX1971-2 OLV R WHT OLV  Spring Fellowship   
eX1971-3 YEL C YEL BRN  Fall Fellowship   
eX1972-1 RED C M/C NBL  Winter Fellowship; totem pole dated 1971   
eX1972-2 RED C M/C BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1972-3 BLK C YEL BLU BLK Fall Fellowship; BSA   
eX1973-1 M/C C M/C TRQ BLK Winter Fellowship; 25th ANN; BSA   
eX1973-2a RED R M/C BLK   Spring Fellowship; 25TH ANN; BSA; PNK background   
eX1973-2b RED R M/C BLK   Spring Fellowship; 25TH ANN; BSA; Pale PNK background   
eX1973-3 NBL R M/C YEL  Fall Fellowship; 25TH ANN; BSA   
eX1974-1 GRN R M/C YEL  Winter Fellowship   
eX1974-2 BLK R M/C BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1974-3 RED R M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1975-1 BRN R M/C RED  Winter Fellowship   
eX1975-2 TRQ R M/C TRQ  Spring Fellowship   
eX1975-3 BLK R M/C PUR  Fall Fellowship   
eX1976-1 NBL R WHT BLK  Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1976-2 BLK R M/C NBL  Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1976-3 NBL R LBL BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eX1977-1 BLK R WHT RED  Winter Fellowship   
eX1977-2 BLK R YOR BLK  Spring Fellowship   
eX1977-3 BLK R LGR RED NBL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1978-1 BLK R M/C BLK YEL Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1978-2 BLK R M/C WHT BLK Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1978-3 LOR R M/C NBL LBL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1979-1 YEL R M/C BLK GRN Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1979-2 PUR R PUR BLK RED Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1979-3 NBL R M/C LBL LBL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1980-1 RUS R PCH LBL  Winter Fellowship   
eX1980-2 PBL R M/C ORG YEL Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1980-3 ORG R M/C BLK RED Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1981-1 NBL R M/C BLK DYL Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1981-2 MAR R M/C BLK RED Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1981-3 GRN R M/C GRN ORG Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1982-1 RED R WHT RED RED Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1982-2 RED R WHT RED RED Spring Fellowship; 40TH; BSA   
eX1982-3 NBL R M/C LOR LOR Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1982-4 PUR R LBL PUR RED Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1983-1 BRN R WHT BRN BRN Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1983-2 RED R LOR NBL YEL Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1983-3 RED R WHT BLK DYL Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1983-4 RED R WHT RED DYL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1984-1 BLU R M/C LBR  Winter Fellowship   
eX1984-2 LBL R WHT YEL  Spring Fellowship   
eX1984-3 BLK R LBL BLK YEL Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1984-4 DYL R LBL PUR DYL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1985-1 TRQ R M/C BLK TRQ Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1985-2 LGY R M/C GRY  (Spring Fellowship); "FROM TI TO BP"; 70TH ANN   
eX1985-3 RED R M/C RED DYL Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1985-4 RED R M/C RED DYL Fall Fellowship; 70TH ANN; FDL   
eX1986-1 BLK R WHT BLK YEL Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1986-2 BRN R WHT BRN DYL Spring Fellowship; FDL (light orange) 
eX1986-2        (orange) 
eX1986-3 BLU R WHT NBL YEL Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1986-4 GRN R LBL BLK RED Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1987-1 PUR R PUR BLK YEL Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1987-2 GRN R LBL GRN TAN Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1987-3 PUR R YEL  PUR Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1987-4 DRD R ORG BRN LGY Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1988-1 GRN R DGY RED RED Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1988-2 BLK R TRQ GRN DYL Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1988-3 COP R NBL COP COP Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1988-4 NBL R GRN YEL YEL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1989-1 LGY R NBL LGY DGY Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1989-2 BLK R NBL BLK YEL Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1989-3 ORG R DGY YEL YEL Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1989-4 YEL R BLK RED YEL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1990-1 BLK R DGY BLK BLK Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1990-2 ORG R PBL BLU RED Spring Fellowship; FDL; 75TH ANN   
eX1990-3 BLK R M/C BLK BLK Summer Fellowship; FDL; 75TH ANN   
eX1990-4 NBL R LBL NBL YEL Fall Fellowship; FDL; 75TH ANN   
eX1991-1 BLU R M/C BLU BLU Winter Fellowship; FDL; 50TH ANN   
eX1991-2 GMY R WHT BLU BLU Spring Fellowship; FDL; 50TH ANN   
eX1991-3 GMY R M/C   50th Anniversary Weekend; FDL; 50TH ANN   
eX1991-4 GMY R BLK GMY GMY Summer Fellowship; FDL; 50TH ANN   
eX1991-5 BLK R TAN FGR ORG Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1992-1 BLU R WHT BLU BLU Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1992-2 ORG R PBL BLK ORG Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1992-3 RED R YEL BLK BRN Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1992-4 NBL R WHT BLK YEL Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1993-1 TAN R WHT GRY WHT Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1993-2 GRN R GRN GRN FGR Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1993-3 RED R M/C BLU LGR Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1993-4 RED R M/C BLK BLK Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1994-1 WHT R M/C WHT WHT Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1994-2 GRY R M/C BLK GRN Spring Fellowship; FDL   
eX1994-3 BLK R M/C BLK BLK Summer Fellowship; FDL   
eX1994-4 GRY R M/C BLK RED Fall Fellowship; FDL   
eX1995-1 BRN R M/C BRN BRN Winter Fellowship; FDL   
eX1995-2 BLU R LBL BLU BLU Spring; FDL   
eX1995-3 BLK R LBL BLK  Summer   
eX1995-4 PUR R LBL PUR LBL Fall; FDL   
eJ1995-5 WHT R ORG  DGR Year patch; 'Alligator'; "FLORIDA WWW 200"; FDL   
eX1996-1 BLK C BLK WHT WHT Winter; FDL   
eX1996-2 BLK R M/C BLK YEL Spring; FDL   
eX1996-3 BLK R YEL BLK YEL Summer; FDL   
eX1996-4 YEL C MAR YEL YEL Fall; FDL   
eYX1996-5?        (prototype of eX1996-1, WHT border) 
eX1997-1 MAR R FGR PBL PBL Winter; FDL   
eX1997-2 LTQ C WHT LTQ WHT Winter Fellowship; 55th ANN; FDL   
eX1997-3 YEL R YEL LBR LBR Spring; FDL   
eX1997-5 BLU R PBL GRY GRY Summer; FDL   
eX1997-6 DGR R GRN RED RED Fall; FDL   
eX1998-1 DGR R M/C DGR DGR Winter; FDL   
eJ1998-2 TRQ R M/C BLU BLU Year Patch; FDL   
eX1998-3 BRN R M/C BLK BLK Spring; FDL   
eX1998-4 BLU R M/C BLK BLK Summer; FDL   
eX1998-5 NBL R M/C RED RED Fall; FDL   
eX1999-1 YEL R RED NBL NBL Winter; FDL   
eX1999-2 YEL C RED   Winter; segment; 'Homecoming '99'   
eX1999-3 RED R PBL NBL NBL Spring; FDL   
eX1999-4 RED C PBL   Spring; segment; 'Service Spring '99'   
eJ1999-5 RED R YOR BLU BLU Year patch; FDL   
eX1999-6 YEL R DGY DTQ DTQ Summer; FDL   
eX1999-7 YEL C DGY DTQ  Summer; segment; 'Service Summer '99'   
eX1999-8 RED R DBL YEL YEL Fall; FDL   
eX1999-9 RED C DBL   Fall; segment; 'Service Fall '99'   
eX2000-1 GRN R M/C RED RED Winter; FDL   
eX2000-2 RED R M/C YEL YEL Spring; FDL   
eJ2000-3 GRN R M/C GRN GRN Year Patch; FDL; 'Everglades "The River of Grass"   
eX2000-4 RED R M/C WHT WHT Summer; FDL   
eX2000-5 YEL R M/C YEL YEL Fall; FDL   
eX2001-1 YEL R OLV WHT WHT Winter Fellowship; FDL; 60th ANN   
eX2001-2 ORG R WHT ORG ORG Spring Fellowship; FDL; 60th ANN   
eX2001-3 GRN R M/C BLK BLK summer Fellowship; FDL; 60th ANN   
eX2001-4 BRN R M/C BLK BLK Fall Fellowship; FDL; 60th ANN   
eJ2001-5 RED R M/C RED RED Year Patch; FDL; 'North Florida Council Camps'   
eX2002-1 GRN R M/C BLK BLK Winter; FDL   
eX2002-2 GRN R M/C BLK BLK Spring; FDL   
eX2002-3 GRN R M/C BLK BLK Summer; FDL   
eX2002-4 GRN R M/C BLK BLK Fall; FDL   
eJ2002-5 GRN R TAN BLK BLK Year Patch; FDL   
eX2002-6 GRN R M/C BLK BLK Fall; BSA; "2000" in error (eX2002-4, wrong year) 
eX2003-1 BLU R M/C ORG ORG Winter   
eX2003-2 BLK R M/C MAR MAR Spring   
eX2003-3 MAR R M/C RBR RBR Summer   
eX2003-4 GRN R M/C ORG RED Fall; BSA   
eJ2003-5 GRN R M/C ORG ORG Year Patch   
eX2004-1 RBR R M/C WHT YEL Winter Banquet   
eX2004-2 RBR R M/C BLK  Year Patch; "The Art of Scouting"; Leyendecker   
eX2004-3 OLI R M/C YEL YEL Spring; BSA   
eX2004-4 BGN R M/C CRE CRE Summer; BSA   
eX2004-5 KGN R M/C YEL YEL Fall; BSA   
eX2004-6 MGN C BGN RED GRN Hurricane Clean-up Day; FDL 2004 Hurricane Clean-up Day; with pocket loop 
eX2004-6b?        2004 Hurricane Clean-up Day; no loop 
eX2005-1 BLU R M/C CRE CRE Winter; BSA   
eX2005-2 GRN R M/C GRY GRY Spring; BSA   
eJ2005-3 RBR R M/C BLK  Year Patch; "Let Freedom Ring"   
eX2005-4 PGN R M/C GRY GRY Summer; BSA   
eX2005-5 OGL R M/C RBR RBR Fall; BSA   
eX2006-1 BLK R M/C WHT TAN Winter; FDL   
eJ2006-2 RED R M/C M/C RED Florida Fruit Crate Art; BSA   
eX2006-3?        (2006 Spring Fellowship) 
eJ2006-4?        (2006 Year patch; BLU behind name) 
eX2006-5?        (2006 Conclave Delegate dangle) 
eX2006-6?        (2006 Summer Fellowship) 
eX2006-7?        (2006 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2006-8?        (2006 Special Needs Camporee; YEL fdl, lines and lettering) 
eX2006-9?        (2006 Special Needs Camporee; GRN fdl, lines and lettering) 
eJ2007-2?        (2007 Year patch) 
eX2007-3?        (2007 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2007-4?        (2007 Summer Fellowship) 
eX2007-5?        (2007 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2007-6?        (2007 Special Needs Camporee) 
eJ2008-1?        (2008 Year patch) 
eX2008-2?        (2008 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2008-3?        (2008 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2008-4?        (2008 Fall Fellowship) 
eR2008-5?        (2008 Special Needs Camporee, staff) 
eX2008-6?        (2008 LLD) 
eJ2009-1?        (2009 Year patch) 
eX2009-2?        (2009 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2009-3?        (2009 Spring Fellowship) 
eX2009-4?        (2009 Summer Fellowship) 
eX2009-5?        (2009 Fall Fellowship) 
eJ2010-1?        (2010 Year Patch; WHT Jacksonville on RED) 
eJ2010-2?        (2010 Year Patch; YEL Jacksonville on BLU) 
eX2010-3?        (2010 Winter Felllowship) 
eX2010-4?        (2010 Spring Felllowship) 
eX2010-5?        (2010 Summer Felllowship) 
eX2010-6?        (2010 Fall Felllowship) 
eX2010-7?        (2010 Special Needs Camporee Staff) 
eJ2011-1?        (2011 Year Patch) 
eX2011-2?        (2011 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2011-3a?        (2011 Spring Fellowship; MAR loop) 
eX2011-3b?        (2011 Spring Fellowship; RED loop) 
eX2011-4?        (2011 Summer Fellowship)) 
eX2011-5?        (2011 Fall Fellowship)) 
eX2012-1?        (2012 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2012-2?        (Sadler Lodge) 
eX2012-3?        (Spring '12, RECT strip) 
eJ2012-4?        (year patch 
eX2012-5?        GRY version of 2012 Winter Fellowship patch; "smoke" patch 
eX2012-6?        (2012 Section Conference) 
eX2012-7?        (2012 Summer Fellowship) 
eX2012-8        (2012 LLD) 
eX2012-9?        (2012 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2013-1?        (2013 Winter Fellowship) 
eX2013-2?        (2013 Spring Fellowship 
eJ2013-3?        (2013 Year Patch) 
eX2013-4?        (2013 Summer Fellowship) 
eX2013-5?        (2013 LLD) 
Data for 251 patches from this lodge and type(s) are shown above.

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